Perfect For:

  • Couples wishing to simplify the wedding planning process
  • Save Money
  • Wedding & Honeymoon all-in-one
  • Spend quality time with family & friends
  • Second Marriages

Your Consultant will explain and assist to you the ins and out of a Destination Wedding, and help you determine if this is a good option for you. A Destination wedding can be as intimate as just the two of you, or as many of your closest friends & family that you choose.

KnotSpots FAQ

As soon as you can… especially if you are wanting a specific date for your wedding! Many resorts allow only 1-3 weddings per day; prime wedding dates and times can fill up over a year in advance especially for Friday/Saturday late afternoon (sunset) weddings or ‘special’ dates.  The sooner you start planning, the better options you will have regarding ceremony/reception times and venues. Also, guests wanting to attend will appreciate as much time as possible to request time off and budgeting their travel expenses.

The majority of our couples choose a symbolic ceremony; it is the simplest to plan and allows for the most flexibility and customization of your ceremony. Symbolic ceremonies can be religious or non-religious and the officiant does not need to be ordained, you can even have a special friend or relative perform your ceremony. Symbolic ceremonies are not legally recognized, your consultant can advise as to your options depending on where you live to have a symbolic ceremony and also make your marriage legal.  A ‘legal/civil’ ceremony is officially recognized by the government where it is performed and must abide by that destination’s specific requirements. In the initial planning stages before choosing a destination your consultant will make sure you are aware of the necessary requirements for a legal ceremony and what you will need to do once your return home to have your marriage legally recognized here in the U.S.

No, usually guests pay for their own travel expenses, and you cover any ceremony reception costs.