Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Section

When making honeymoon reservations, many times a resort will offer a special “honeymoon” package for newly weds. Contact us for more details.

The best way to save on cruises is to book in advance. As the cruise sells out, affordable and desirable stateroom categories go fast.

The internet has a ton of information about different and unusual destinations. However we love to fit our clients to the proper destination that suits their personalities and budget. We would love to help decide what is right for you!

Planning a honeymoon in advance and having the right team to be in your corner will ensure that if anything does go wrong, you have a support system to get things fixed run smoothly.

Absolutely! Signing up for a well-known honeymoon registry is a great way to help cover the cost as you start your life out together!

The clear, warm water, white sand beaches, tropical rain forests and remarkable sunsets make this destination an idyllic getaway. Thinking about vacationing in Tahiti or one of Fiji’s 325 islands? Let’s set up a time to meet and see which island is the right fit for you!


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