Alaska, the “Last Frontier”

Alaska, a “bucket list” destination, a place where scenic wonders, such as massive glaciers roaring into the sea in the Inside Passage, are best viewed from the water — including from the deck of your cruise ship. The rustic, uncrowded charm of the places you’ll visit is also captivating. Much of the state’s coastline is wilderness, and whether you’re shipboard in places such as Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve or out exploring on shore excursions, you’ll experience the sheer vastness as you view protected emerald forests, snow-capped mountains, waterfalls, glaciers and fjords.

is everywhere. Around the time you spot your third bald-headed eagle you’ll realize there are a lot of the birds in Alaska, including in Juneau and other developed areas. You’ll likely see more than one whale, and even more than one whale type in Alaskan waters. Spotting a grizzly bear is trickier, but keep your binoculars at the ready….

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